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Immunological characterisation of plasminogen activators in the human vessel wall.
  1. H Ljungnér,
  2. L Holmberg,
  3. A Kjeldgaard,
  4. I M Nilsson,
  5. B Astedt


    A histochemical technique was used to identify the activity of the plasminogen activator (PA) in the vessel wall of veins. Antibodies against melanoma cell activator and urokinase (UK), both raised in goats, were mixed into the fibrin film. The PA activity was quenched by the antibodies against melanoma activator but remained unchanged when antibodies against UK, or an IgG preparation of normal goat serum, was mixed in the fibrin film. The results of this study show that the PA activity in the vein vessel wall is immunologically similar to or identical to the PA derived from melanoma cells which has previously been shown to cross-react with the tissue-like PA. No UK-like activity was present in the vessel wall.

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