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Ultrastructural demonstration of retrovirus antigens with immuno-gold staining in prodromal acquired immune deficiency syndrome.
  1. W W Feremans,
  2. R Menu,
  3. M Goldman,
  4. L Schandene,
  5. D Portetelle,
  6. Y Cleuter,
  7. J Flament,
  8. P Dustin,
  9. J Wybran,
  10. A Burny


    The peripheral lymphocytes of a patient with prodromal acquired immune deficiency syndrome contained giant multivesicular bodies. These were specifically stained by immuno-gold labelled polyclonal antibodies against the major core protein p24 of bovine leukaemia virus and human T cell leukaemia virus I. Moreover, the patient's serum was positive for bovine leukaemia virus by the ELISA method.

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