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Localisation of enteropathogens in paraffin embedded tissue by immunoperoxidase.
  1. K R Parsons,
  2. A M Wilson,
  3. G A Hall,
  4. J C Bridger,
  5. N Chanter,
  6. D J Reynolds


    An indirect immunoperoxidase technique has been used to identify enteropathogens in formol-sublimate fixed paraffin embedded sections of calf intestine. Infections with bovine rotavirus, bovine coronavirus, Newbury agent SRV -1, and K99+ Escherichia coli have been detected in the intestines from experimentally infected and conventially reared diarrhoeic or normal calves. The ability to visualize enteropathogenic agents in histological sections resulted in the demonstration of virus infected cells at sites not previously shown to be infected using the immunofluorescence technique.

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