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A monoclonal antibody that detects HLA-D region antigen in routinely fixed, wax embedded sections of normal and neoplastic lymphoid tissues.
  1. A A Epenetos,
  2. L G Bobrow,
  3. T E Adams,
  4. C M Collins,
  5. P G Isaacson,
  6. W F Bodmer


    We describe the use of a monoclonal antibody (TAL-IB5) to HLA-D region alpha-chains that reacts well with HLA-D positive cells in normal and neoplastic lymphoid tissues fixed in routine fixatives and embedded in paraffin wax in the conventional fashion. This antibody should prove to be useful in routine histological investigations of lymphoid and possibly other neoplasms as well as other non-neoplastic conditions where the immune system plays an important part.

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