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Argentaffin and argyrophil reactions and serotonin content of endocrine tumours.
  1. C A Wells,
  2. S M Taylor,
  3. A C Cuello


    Sixty carcinoid tumours were tested in a retrospective study with an immunoperoxidase technique using a monoclonal antibody against serotonin immunoreactive sites, with argyrophil staining using the Grimelius technique, and with argentaffin staining using the Masson-Fontana technique. A good correlation between all three techniques in the diagnosis of ileal carcinoid tumour was found, but the immunoperoxidase technique showed greater sensitivity than the Masson-Fontana technique and greater specificity than the Grimelius technique in the diagnosis of foregut and hindgut carcinoid tumours. The immunoperoxidase technique with a monoclonal antibody against serotonin immunoreactive sites (YC5/45) is recommended as a sensitive and specific test for carcinoid tumours. The reactions in other endocrine tumours are also included.

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