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Comparison of an avidin-biotin immunoassay with three commercially available immunofluorescence kits for typing of herpes simplex virus.
  1. D L Barnard,
  2. F B Johnson,
  3. D F Richards


    An avidin-biotin complex system was compared with three commercially available immunofluorescence kits for serotyping herpes simplex virus isolates from clinical specimens. Sensitivity values showed that the Electro-Nucleonics and Immulok reagents were useful in detecting the presence of virus, whereas the predictive values showed that the Syva and Immulok reagents possessed adequate discrimination between the herpes simplex virus serotypes. The avidin-biotin complex system was equal or superior to the immunofluorescence reagents tested both in detecting herpes simplex virus antigens in cell culture and in serotyping herpes simplex virus isolates.

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