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Evaluation of the common conditions associated with eosinophilia.
  1. C G Teo,
  2. M Singh,
  3. W C Ting,
  4. L C Ho,
  5. Y W Ong,
  6. L C Seet


    In an eosinophilic population of 47 boys of the same age, a large proportion (92%) were helminth infested or atopic, or both, compared with 36% of 36 controls. The methods used to detect these conditions were not costly or elaborate, except for the radioallergosorbent test, which was used to measure concentrations of circulating IgE antibodies to atopic allergens. It is suggested that an economical approach to detect helminthiasis and atopy in cases of eosinophilia is adopted using the methods employed here, with skin prick tests replacing the radioallergosorbent test.

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