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Quantitative morphometry of squamous cell hyperplasia of the larynx.
  1. P Olde Kalter,
  2. H Lubsen,
  3. J F Delemarre,
  4. C L Alons,
  5. R W Veldhuizen,
  6. C J Meyer,
  7. G B Snow


    The histopathological diagnosis of squamous cell hyperplasia of the larynx is very subjective. Since morphometry is highly reproducible, this method was applied to routine processed slides of 45 such lesions to assess objectively the epithelial characteristics. In each case measurements of nuclei of 50 cells in the basal, intermediate, and superficial cell layers were carried out. The data were analysed statistically. The findings suggest that quantitative morphometry may be helpful for the histopathological classification of squamous cell hyperplasia of the laryngeal mucosa.

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