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Distribution of fibronectin and laminin in normal and pathological lymphoid tissue.
  1. J T Reilly,
  2. J R Nash,
  3. M J Mackie,
  4. B A McVerry


    Forty six lymph nodes were examined with the indirect immunoperoxidase technique for the distribution of fibronectin and laminin. Fibronectin was present in the framework of the tissue and the basal lamina of blood vessels, giving a clear outline of nodal architecture. Intracellular fibronectin was observed in cases of reactive sinus histiocytosis, when about a third of macrophages exhibited strong positivity. Mast cells were positive. A pronounced increase in extracellular fibronectin was seen in nodular sclerosing Hodgkin's disease, although heavily hyalinised areas exhibited only superficial positivity. Reed-Sternberg and mononuclear Hodgkin's cells were consistently negative for fibronectin. Laminin staining was localised to vascular and marginal sinus basement membranes. No cellular positivity was evident. The distribution of laminin indicated a pronounced increase in vascularity in nodular sclerosing Hodgkin's disease, which was especially prevalent within the dense fibrous trabeculae. In contrast, however, examination of the other Rye subtypes showed a lesser degree of vascularity with numbers of vessels similar to those observed in reactive follicular hyperplasia. Laminin was found to be more efficient than factor VIII related antigen as a vascular marker.

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