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Clinicopathological importance of deposits of amyloid in the femoral head.
  1. N R Cary


    The pattern of amyloid deposits in the femoral head is described in four cases, two of which had deposits of amyloid related to age and two of which had generalised systemic amyloidosis (one of primary amyloidosis, one of multiple myeloma). The deposition of amyloid in the articular cartilage of the femoral head was similar in all four cases. Heavy deposits of synovial amyloid were identified in the case with primary amyloidosis and in one of the cases with amyloidosis related to age. Both cases of generalised systemic amyloidosis showed abundant deposits of amyloid in the bone marrow. Amyloid was not present in the bone marrow of either case with amyloidosis related to age. The importance of these findings is discussed in relation to the pathogenesis of the arthropathy syndrome of a rheumatoid type described in cases of primary amyloidosis and multiple myeloma.

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