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Hepatic pseudolipoma.
  1. P J Karhunen


    Pseudolipoma of the liver is a rare condition which may be confused with metastatic tumours, primary tumours, or other lesions of the liver. This study presents three hepatic pseudolipomas that occurred in men aged 33, 38, and 42 years. The prevalence of hepatic pseudolipomas was 0.2% in a series of 1300 consecutive necropsies. The histological elements of pseudolipoma are identical with those of twisted peritoneal fat nodules (epiploic appendix) or peritoneal loose bodies, four cases of which were also found in the same material. The size of the migrating loose body may be the critical factor for entry into the space between the diaphragm and the liver. The nutrition of one pseudolipoma seemed to have been obtained from the liver capsule. There was no significant correlation with previous abdominal surgery or obesity.

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