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Comparative sensitivity of different serological tests for detecting chlamydial antibodies in perihepatitis.
  1. M Puolakkainen,
  2. P Saikku,
  3. M Leinonen,
  4. M Nurminen,
  5. P Väänänen,
  6. P H Mäkelä


    The value of several serological tests was assessed by studying sera from 30 women with clinical findings of perihepatitis and a high chlamydial antibody titre in the indirect immunofluorescence antibody test (IFAT). The other tests included the complement fixation test and enzyme immunoassays in which the antigen comprised either partially purified particles (EIA kit) or purified major outer membrane protein (MOMP EIA) of Chlamydia trachomatis L2 or lipopolysaccharide isolated from an Re mutant of Salmonella (Re LPS EIA). High IgG titres were noted in most (88-96%) of the patients by MOMP EIA and EIA kit, and in fewer patients (50%) by Re LPS EIA or complement fixation test. Seroconversion was found in 11-44% of the patients for IgG and in 28-36% for IgM; high IgG titre was thus the best diagnostic indicator for each test. The enzyme immunoassay tests have the advantage of being automated either with partially purified corpuscular or purified MOMP antigen and would allow a sensitive easy screening for chlamydial aetiology of women with pain of the right upper quadrant.

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