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Disseminated zygomycosis associated with erythroleukaemia: confirmation by lectin stains.
  1. E W Benbow,
  2. I W Delamore,
  3. R W Stoddart,
  4. H Reid


    Zygomycosis is not often diagnosed in the United Kingdom, and so the possible importance of the findings in a patient with disseminated zygomycosis who had been treated with chemotherapy for erythroleukaemia was not appreciated until histological examination of specimens obtained at necropsy provided a presumptive diagnosis. No attempt had therefore been made to identify the organism by culture, and lectin binding methods were used to try to compensate for this. The characteristics of the hyphae on staining with lectins were similar to those previously shown in Rhizopus oryzae and were unlike those of a wide range of other hyphal fungi. Although definite speciation of the fungus was not achieved, these findings confirm that this was a case of zygomycosis and would seem to represent the first such reported confirmation in the absence of culture.

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