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Assessment of new radioimmunoassay kit for determining urinary albumin at low concentrations: comparison with radial immunodiffusion.
  1. G F Watts,
  2. J D Albano,
  3. J E Bennett,
  4. R W Morris,
  5. K M Shaw,
  6. A Polak


    The assay characteristics of a new radioimmunoassay kit for determining urinary albumin at low concentrations were studied. The sensitivity for urinary albumin was 2 mg/l, the analytical range 2 to 40 mg/l, and interassay coefficient of variation less than 12%. In a method comparison study entailing diabetic urine samples covering an albumin concentration of 2 to 150 mg/l the kit compared adequately with radial immunodiffusion (mean difference between methods = 2 mg/l; residual standard deviation = 4.6 mg/l), absolute variation between methods increasing with the concentration. The kit required much less skill than radial immunodiffusion but its capital and running cost were higher.

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