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Isolation and characterisation of intestinal spirochaetes.
  1. D S Tompkins,
  2. S J Foulkes,
  3. P G Godwin,
  4. A P West


    Faeces or rectal swabs from 1527 subjects were examined for the presence of intestinal spirochaetes by anaerobic culture on blood agar incorporating spectinomycin (400 mg/l). Twenty three specimens (1.5%) were positive, and only one of these came from a patient with diarrhoea. All positive specimens came from either Asians or known homosexuals. Comparative tests showed a close phenotypic similarity between the human isolates and non-pathogenic porcine intestinal spirochaetes. These organisms differ from Brachyspira aalborgi, a spirochaete isolated from subjects with histologically confirmed intestinal spirochaetosis.

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