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Immunocytochemical characterisation of cutaneous lymphomas other than mycosis fungoides.
  1. E Ralfkiaer,
  2. T A Saati,
  3. J Bosq,
  4. G Delsol,
  5. K C Gatter,
  6. D Y Mason


    The immunophenotypic properties of 25 cutaneous non-Hodgkin lymphomas other than mycosis fungoides or Sezary syndrome were investigated and correlated with clinical and histopathological data. The 11 low grade lymphomas were all of B cell origin, whereas the 14 high grade lymphomas comprised B and T cell tumours, true histiocytic proliferations, and one "nul" cell lymphoid neoplasm. For the high grade lymphomas correct prediction of the immunological phenotype based on morphological criteria was only possible in three cases. In contrast, all of the low grade lymphomas showed the non-epidermotropic infiltration pattern considered to be characteristic of cutaneous B cell tumours. For these conditions, however, immunophenotypic investigations provided a convenient means of improving discrimination between benign (polyclonal) and malignant (monoclonal) lesions, and also showed similarities with nodal lymphomas in terms of expression of lymphoid subset markers and composition of the non-neoplastic white cell infiltrate. No differences were identified between primary and secondary or concurrent cutaneous and extracutaneous lymphomas. Cutaneous non-Hodgkin lymphomas other than mycosis fungoides or Sezary syndrome constitute a heterogeneous group of neoplasms and most of these disorders are likely to represent cutaneous equivalents of nodal malignancies. Immunophenotypic investigations form a useful supplement to their histogenetic characterisation and may provide a common conceptual basis for their classification.

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