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Mast cell sarcoma of the larynx.
  1. H P Horny,
  2. M R Parwaresch,
  3. E Kaiserling,
  4. K Müller,
  5. M Olbermann,
  6. K Mainzer,
  7. K Lennert


    A 74 year old woman presented with a primary subglottic tumour. Neither cutaneous mastocytosis (urticaria pigmentosa) nor spread to the bone marrow, liver, or spleen were detected. About two years after initial manifestation of the tumour nodular skin metastases appeared, as well as local recurrence in the larynx. Despite chemotherapy and radiation the disease progressed and was fatal. The terminal phase was characterised by generalisation of the mast cell tumour with diffuse infiltration of bone marrow and, shortly before death, leukaemic transformation. The patient died four years after onset of disease with symptoms of a hemorrhagic diathesis. As far as we know this is the first case of mast cell sarcoma to be reported in man.

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