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Aggregation of white cells and C-reactive protein: relation between these two indices in acute phase reaction.
  1. S Berliner,
  2. D Caspi,
  3. Y Neuman,
  4. I Ostfeld,
  5. M Hod,
  6. M Yaron,
  7. J Pinkhas,
  8. M Aronson


    The association between aggregates of leucocytes in blood drawn from patients with various inflammatory conditions and the serum concentration of C-reactive protein (CRP) was examined: serum concentration of CRP might contribute to the development of cellular aggregations. A total of 213 patients with various inflammatory or necrotic conditions were examined (including 31 women with normal pregnancy and 59 controls). A significant correlation between the degree of leucocyte aggregation and CRP concentration was noted in patients with bacterial infections and in a group of patients with various inflammatory conditions. In contrast, there was no correlation between the extent of leucocyte aggregation and CRP concentrations in patients with viral infections, malignancies, or pregnancy. The presence or absence of aggregated leucocytes can help in differentiating between the respective bacterial or viral infections. The serum concentrations of CRP were increased in both types of infection, although when a quantitative CRP assay was used, considerably higher concentrations were detected in bacterial diseases.

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