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Scintigraphy of the salivary glands in Sjögen's syndrome.
  1. J P Arrago,
  2. J D Rain,
  3. C Brocheriou,
  4. F Rocher
  1. Department of Nuclear Medicine, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris, France.


    Scintigraphy of the salivary glands with technetium-sodium pertechnetate (99mTc) was undertaken on 320 patients with oral dryness or connective tissue disease using a computer assisted method that gave quantitative results about the major salivary gland function. Compared with clinical and histological data, scintigraphy provides a sensitive method, even though it is not specific, for detecting minimal injuries to salivary glands in patients suspected of having Sjögen's syndrome. Moreover, it might differentiate between the Sjögen-like syndrome and the sequelae of radiotherapy in patients with bone marrow graft. Scintigraphy of the major salivary glands could therefore form part of the routine investigation of patients with Sjögen's syndrome.

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