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Immunocytochemical analysis of HLA class II (DR) antigens in liver disease in man.
  1. C Barbatis,
  2. P Kelly,
  3. J Greveson,
  4. A Heryet,
  5. J O McGee
  1. Department of Histopathology, Lewisham Hospital, London.


    The in situ distribution of the major histocompatibility (HLA) class II (DR) antigens was studied in 113 liver biopsy specimens and five livers obtained at necropsy, using monoclonal antibody CR3/43. In 20 normal livers HLA-DR antigens were not detected in bile duct epithelium, hepatocytes, or portal vein endothelium. Normal arteriolar, sinusoidal and central venous endothelium often expressed HLA-DR. Kupffer cells always expressed these antigens. HLA-DR positive spindle cells were identified in the connective tissue of portal tracts, large hepatic veins, and liver capsule: most shared antigens common to all leucocytes and reacted with the histiocytic maker EBM11. Bile duct epithelium expresses HLA-DR in primary biliary cirrhosis, large duct obstruction, and drug induced cholestasis, indicating that HLA-DR positive spindle cells are phenotypically similar to histiocytes.

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