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Application of radioimmunoassay to monitor treatment of human cerebral gliomas with bleomycin entrapped within liposomes.
  1. G B Firth,
  2. M Firth,
  3. R O McKeran,
  4. J Rees,
  5. P Walter,
  6. D Uttley,
  7. V Marks
  1. Department of Biochemistry, Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre, Sussex.


    A radioimmunoassay was assessed for its suitability for monitoring the blood and urinary concentrations of bleomycin entrapped within large unilamellar liposomes in patients receiving therapeutic doses of the drug. Bleomycin entrapped within liposomes was administered by direct intracerebral injection to three patients with grade III to IV cerebral gliomas, twice weekly for up to six weeks. No clinically important toxic effects were observed which could have been attributed to these preparations, although all three patients showed progressive deterioration in their clinical condition. This type of treatment may be more beneficial to patients at an earlier stage of their disease.

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