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Screening for bacteriuria with Clinitec-200.
  1. H M Doran,
  2. J G Kensit
  1. Department of Microbiology, Greenwich District Hospital, London.


    A method of testing for bacteriuria with multiple reagent strips for blood, nitrite, and leucocyte esterase was evaluated. Of 669 urine specimens tested, 267 were negative on the reagent strips and so would ordinarily be discarded, creating a reduction in the workload of culturing urine specimens of 40%. Thirteen of these were false negative results, however, which represented 10% of all the samples with definite bacteriuria. Additional time was required for the screening test which reduced potential savings in manpower. Overall, we found costs to be slightly increased. In our laboratory this screening test was not economic and would produce an unacceptable rate of false negative results.

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