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EBM/11 reactivity in malignant histiocytosis.
  1. P M Kelly,
  2. M McGovern,
  3. K C Gatter,
  4. J M Theaker,
  5. J O McGee
  1. University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Pathology, John Radcliffe Hospital.


    A patient presented initially with a testicular mass, which on biopsy had morphological features consistent with malignant histiocytosis. The tumour cells labelled strongly with EBM/11, a murine monoclonal antibody with high specificity for cells of the human mononuclear phagocyte system. Subsequent clinical and laboratory studies confirmed the diagnosis. As poorly differentiated tumour cells reacted with EBM/11, this antibody may be useful in positively identifying malignant tumours with histiocytic differentiation from malignancies of other types where morphological detail alone is inconclusive in tumour classification.

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