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Monoclonal antibodies to human factor VII: production of immunodepleted plasma for VII:C assays.
  1. T Takase,
  2. E G Tuddenham,
  3. S Chand,
  4. A H Goodall
  1. Department of Haematology, Royal Free Hospital, London.


    A high affinity monoclonal antibody to factor VII (RFF-VII/1), coupled to sepharose, was used to immunodeplete factor VII from normal plasma. The plasma could be used as a substrate in a one stage coagulation assay and performed as well as, or better than, commercially available factor VII deficient plasma or plasma from congenitally deficient factor VII patients. Plasma from normal donors (n = 20), patients with liver disease (n = 20), and patients receiving warfarin (n = 20), or congenitally factor VII deficient patients (n = 7) was assayed for VII:C concentration in a one stage coagulation assay. The concentration of VII:C detected with the immunodepleted plasma substrate was comparable in all cases with that seen with a commercially available substrate (r = 0.95).

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