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Comparison of two dimensional immunoelectrophoresis and multimer analysis in the study of von Willebrand factor.
  1. M A Howard,
  2. A Oates,
  3. B G Firkin
  1. Department of Medicine, Monash Medical School, Prahran, Melbourne, Australia.


    To assess the validity of the multimeric analysis of von Willebrand factor (vWf), this technique was compared with two dimensional immunoelectrophoresis using samples of purified vWf obtained by gel filtration and plasma samples from a patient with severe von Willebrands disease who was receiving prophylaxis with cryoprecipitate. It is concluded that except for specialised clinical and research purposes, two dimensional immunoelectrophoresis provides a clear picture of the multimeric composition of the vWf molecule, and that this is sufficient for routine research and clinical use, without having to confirm the data by multimeric analysis.

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