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Amiloride prevents amphotericin B related hypokalaemia in neutropenic patients.
  1. S R Smith,
  2. M J Galloway,
  3. J T Reilly,
  4. J M Davies
  1. University Department of Haematology, Royal Liverpool Hospital.


    Twenty neutropenic patients with various haematological disorders were randomised prospectively to receive either intravenous amphotericin B alone or amphotericin B and oral amiloride 5 mg twice a day for treatment of confirmed or suspected fungal infection. Patients receiving amiloride had a significantly higher plasma potassium (p less than 0.01), a significantly lower urinary potassium loss (p less than 0.01), and required significantly less potassium chloride supplementation to maintain their plasma potassium within the normal range (p less than 0.001). Amiloride was well tolerated, had no clinically important side effects, and provided effective control of plasma potassium in patients treated with amphotericin B.

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