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Microwave irradiation of human brain tissue: production of microscopic slides within one day.
  1. M E Boon,
  2. E Marani,
  3. P J Adriolo,
  4. J W Steffelaar,
  5. G T Bots,
  6. L P Kok
  1. Leiden Cytology and Pathology Laboratory, The Netherlands.


    A three step method using microwave irradiation enabled microscopic slides of human brain tissue to be obtained within one working day: steps 1 and 2 hardened and solidified brain tissue; step 3 completed formalin fixation. The efficacy and precision of the method was compared with slides of conventionally processed brain tissue that had been fixed in formalin for six weeks. The microscopic quality of the sections was excellent with good presentation of brain tissue and equalled that of conventionally processed slides.

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