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Impairment of cytomegalovirus and host balance in elderly subjects.
  1. M Musiani,
  2. M Zerbini,
  3. D Zauli,
  4. G Cometti,
  5. M La Placa
  1. Institute of Microbiology, University of Bologna, Italy.


    The titres of IgG antibody against "late antigens", "immediate early antigens", and "early antigens" induced by cytomegalovirus (CMV) and IgM antibody against "late antigens" induced by CMV were analysed in 67 geriatric subjects by immunocytochemical techniques. The titres obtained were compared with those of an adult control population. Significantly increased titres of IgG antibody against induced antigens and a significant increase in CMV reactivated infections occurred in the elderly compared with control subjects. These findings indicate that the CMV and host balance in the elderly is disturbed, leading to activation of the CMV latent carrier state that follows primary CMV infection.

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