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Prognostic indicators in centroblastic-centrocytic lymphoma.
  1. N R Griffin,
  2. M R Howard,
  3. P Quirke,
  4. C J O'Brien,
  5. J A Child,
  6. C C Bird
  1. Department of Pathology, University of Leeds.


    The prognostic importance of ploidy and proliferative index (%S + G2) assessed by flow cytometry, mitotic and centroblast counts, and histological growth pattern were evaluated in biopsy specimens taken before treatment from 60 cases of centroblastic-centrocytic non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Cases with a high proliferative index (greater than or equal to 18%) or DNA aneuploidy showed significantly poorer survival than those with a low proliferative index (less than 18%). A high mitotic count was also associated with a poor prognosis. On multiple regression analysis the flow cytometric assessments and mitotic counts were significant predictors of survival. Assessments of proliferative activity clearly have prognostic potential in centroblastic-centrocytic lymphoma and may permit more accurate characterisation of individual tumours.

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