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Method for showing human spermatogenesis using Arachis hypogaea (AHA) lectin.
  1. C J Jones,
  2. E W Benbow,
  3. W F Knox,
  4. R W Stoddart
  1. Pathology Department, University of Manchester.


    Using biotinylated Arachis hypogaea agglutinin (AHA) or peanut lectin (PNA) and an avidin-peroxidase procedure, the various stages of spermatid development were visualised with great clarity; a light haematoxylin counterstain permitted the easy recognition of spermatogenic cells in the same section. This method is particularly useful in the interpretation of poorly fixed material and may be helpful in studies of cyclical maturation of spermatozoa, irrespective of whether the material is obtained at biopsy or necropsy.

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