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Influence of heat treatment on FVIII:C recovery from freeze dried cryoprecipitate.
  1. A G Benny,
  2. P A Ockelford,
  3. A S Johns,
  4. R H Scott,
  5. D G Woodfield,
  6. E W Berry
  1. Blood Products Laboratory, Auckland Regional Blood Centre, New Zealand.


    A standard lyophilised triple cryoprecipitate preparation, stabilised by the addition of Synthamin 17, was heat treated at 60 degrees C for 48 hours. The total protein content, factor VIII concentration, and factor VIII recovery were not affected by the heat treatment procedure. Heat treatment did not influence the reconstitution characteristics of the freeze dried preparation and there were no side effects during or after administration. The mean in vivo rise of factor VIII from infused heat treated triple cryoprecipitate was 2.5 (SD 0.9)%/unit/kg with a half life of 13.1 (3.1) hours. These results compare favourably with those obtained using non-heated triple cryoprecipitate. Cryoprecipitate can be heat treated without adversely influencing factor VIII recovery, and the ability to prepare a heat treated cryoprecipitate means that a small pool high yield factor VIII preparation can again be used in routine clinical practice.

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