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Breast carcinoma cellularity and its relation to oestrogen receptor content.
  1. D M Parham,
  2. P R Baker,
  3. A J Robertson,
  4. A Vasishta,
  5. P G Baker,
  6. G Smith
  1. Department of Pathology, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland.


    The cellularity of 104 primary breast carcinomata was determined by semiautomated image analysis to allow the relation between cellularity and oestrogen receptor content values to be assessed. The oestrogen receptor content of tumours detected by a steroid binding assay showed no correlation with cellularity, although a possible weak negative correlation was observed between tumour cellularity and oestrogen receptor content detected by enzyme immunoassay. It is concluded that there is no single direct correlation between tumour cellularity and oestrogen receptor content.

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