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Granulocytic sarcoma: misleading immunohistological staining with MT1 and S100 protein antibodies.
  1. C J Elliott,
  2. K P McCarthy,
  3. R L Carter,
  4. P Davies
  1. Department of Histopathology, Royal Marsden Hospital, Surrey.


    Tissue from two patients with granulocytic sarcomas stained positively for MT1 and S100 protein antibodies; both of these cases presented considerable clinical and histological diagnostic difficulties until acute myeloblastic leukaemia spread to the bone marrow. Tissues from a further eight patients with granulocytic sarcoma were also examined retrospectively. Seven of them stained for MT1 and four for S100 protein but the traditional histological markers for myeloid cells--chloroacetate esterase and lysosyme--often stained only weakly and focally. This pattern of staining should raise the possibility of a granulocytic sarcoma in otherwise problematic cases.

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