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Biotin-labelled antigen screening test for toxoplasma IgM antibody.
  1. A W Joss,
  2. L J Skinner,
  3. I L Moir,
  4. J M Chatterton,
  5. H Williams,
  6. D O Ho-Yen
  1. Scottish Toxoplasma Reference Laboratory, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, Scotland.


    A method for the simple preparation of biotin-labelled toxoplasma antigen was used with avidin peroxidase in an IgM-capture enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (BAM-ELISA). Although the overall predictive value of a positive result was only 38%, its low cost and 100% sensitivity makes it a very suitable screening test. Positive results can be confirmed by an alternative assay, thus providing a more economical and effective diagnostic service than either screening all sera by a commercial test or selecting sera for IgM testing.

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