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Peripheral T cell lymphoma: value of bone marrow trephine immunophenotyping.
  1. D M White,
  2. A G Smith,
  3. J M Whitehouse,
  4. J L Smith
  1. Department of Haematology, Southampton University Hospitals.


    Bone marrow infiltrates taken from 11 patients with peripheral T cell lymphoma were immunophenotyped as T cell lymphoma using monoclonal antibodies on frozen bone marrow trephine biopsy specimens. In nine these were taken at diagnosis and in two after failure of treatment to eradicate lymphoma in the marrow. Patterns of infiltration were as follows: diffuse (n = 4), interstitial (n = 1), nodular (n = 1), focal (n = 5). All cases were CD3 positive and 10 were CD2 positive; five lacked expression of either CD5 or CD7, or both markers. In nine the determination of T cell phenotype depended on analysis of the frozen bone marrow trephine biopsy specimen as there was no other biopsy tissue available for study. In the other two cases there was agreement between the immunophenotypes seen in lymph node and bone marrow infiltrates.

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