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Cell suspensions from collagenase digestion of bone marrow trephine biopsy specimens.
  1. C J Ades,
  2. G A Ablett,
  3. R J Collins,
  4. I H Bunce
  1. Department of Pathology, Royal Brisbane Hospital, Australia.


    A technique for the extraction of cells from bone marrow trephine core biopsy specimens using collagenase digestion was assessed in 39 cases (33 diagnostic and six normal). Diagnostically useful numbers of cells were extracted from all marrows. Morphological assessment of cytocentrifuge preparations of these cells gave a correct diagnosis in 23 (60%) of cases compared with 27 (70%) for the corresponding aspirated marrow smears. Phenotypic analysis using flow cytometry showed persistence of a range of surface membrane antigens following collagenase digestion. Increased autofluorescence was a problem in some cases. Cytochemistry, bone marrow culture, and cytogenetic analysis could also be carried out on these cells. It is concluded that this technique has useful diagnostic applications in cases of dry taps.

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