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Evaluation of the Anoxomat: a new technique for anaerobic and microaerophilic clinical bacteriology.
  1. J S Brazier,
  2. S A Smith
  1. Anaerobe Reference Unit, Luton and Dunstable Hospital.


    A system of automatic jar evacuation-replacement (Anoxomat) for the culture of anaerobes, capnophiles, and microaerophiles was compared with existing methods of anaerobic cabinets, carbon dioxide incubators, and manual evacuation-replacement. Of the 50 species of anaerobes, 29 strains of capnophiles, and 11 strains of microaerophiles tested, equivalent growth was obtained in all but two instances. The Anoxomat system yielded slightly larger colonies in 26 (52%) of anaerobes tested with superior growth in the anerobic cabinets in three (6%) of cases and equal in both in 21 (42%). Of the microaerophiles and capnophiles tested, there was no significant difference between the Anoxomat and the conventional system. The Anoxomat system seems to be a suitable alternative to anaerobic and carbon dioxide incubators.

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