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Critical evaluation of monoclonal antibody staining in breast carcinoma.
  1. D M Parham,
  2. G Coghill,
  3. A J Robertson
  1. Department of Pathology, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, Scotland.


    The immunoperoxidase staining of 84 primary invasive breast carcinomas with four monoclonal antibodies (BRST-1, HMFG1, EMA, B72.3) was evaluated by semiquantitative light microscopical examination and quantitative image analysis. Major differences in the staining of the tumours for each of the monoclonal antibodies was observed. Correlation between monoclonal antibody staining and patient age, survival, histological grade, tumour diameter and cellularity was also carried out. This showed a significant association between histological grade and staining with BRST-1 and EMA.

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