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Comparison of three-compartment Petri dishes and individual plates for routine culture of vaginal swabs.
  1. J C Reeder,
  2. A P Shakespeare,
  3. C Bryan,
  4. M G Keaney,
  5. L A Ganguli
  1. Department of Microbiology, Hope Hospital, University of Manchester School of Medicine, Salford.


    Recovery of aerobes and facultative anaerobes from 200 consecutive randomly selected high vaginal swabs was evaluated using three-compartment Petri dishes containing Sabouraud, dextrose agar, GC selective agar, and chocolate agar. The method was compared with the traditional method using individual Petri dishes. The two methods produced comparable results both in terms and quantities of organisms recovered from the specimens. As three-compartment Petri dishes use less agar, save time in culturing specimens, yet still maintain the same standard of culture, they provide a more economical alternative to the traditional method for routine culture of vaginal swabs.

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