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Comparative in situ hybridisation study of juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis in Papua New Guinea and Australia.
  1. R G Wright,
  2. D P Murthy,
  3. A C Gupta,
  4. N Cox,
  5. R A Cooke
  1. Royal Women's Hospital, Brisbane, Australia.


    A comparative study of cases of juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis from Papua New Guinea (n = 3) and Brisbane, Australia (n = 9) was carried out. In situ hybridisation reactions for human papillomavirus (HPV) types 6 and 11 occurred in 11 cases. All three cases from Papua New Guinea and eight from Australia gave positive signals. A negative reaction was observed in one Australian case. The intensity of the reaction was strong in seven cases, moderate in one, and weak in three. An equivocal reaction was also noted with probes for types 16 and 18, and types 31, 33, and 35 in two cases from Australia and one from Papua New Guinea. It is concluded that as similar staining patterns and intensities occurred in cases from both areas, the aetiology is the same. The equivocal reactions noted in three cases were probably due to cross hybridisation rather than multiple infection.

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