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Observer reproducibility in grading dysplasia in colorectal adenomas: comparison between two different grading systems.
  1. C Fenger,
  2. M Bak,
  3. O Kronborg,
  4. H Svanholm
  1. Department of Pathology, Odense University Hospital, Denmark.


    The two most well known and well defined grading systems for dysplasia in colorectal adenomas were compared with regard to reproducibility. The Konishi-Morson system (KMS) operates with several histological and cytological variables and grades of mild, moderate, and severe dysplasia. The Kozuka system is based on the extent of nuclear pseudostratification and also has three grades of dysplasia (III-V). As the group of severe dysplasia is very large in this system, it was extended with two higher grades, similarly based on individual histological criteria, known hereafter as the extended Kozuka system (EKS). Fifty six adenomas were graded by two observers, each observer grading twice according to the KMS criteria and twice according to EKS criteria. Intraobserver reproducibility was excellent for the KMS and moderate for the EKS, but this was not significant. The overall interobserver reproducibility was similar (moderate) for the KMS and for the EKS. Kappa values for interobserver reproducibility on individual categories were excellent for severe dysplasia according to the KMS, but low for all other categories in both systems. By simplifying both systems into two groups a high reproducibility can be obtained, but this implies that all the original grades (III-V) for the EKS must be grouped together. It is therefore recommended that a simplified KMS is used for further studies on the biological importance of dysplasia and for comparison between histological changes and other markers for colorectal neoplasia.

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