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Oestrogen receptors in conjunctival malignant melanoma: immunocytochemical study using formalin fixed paraffin wax sections.
  1. D A Paridaens,
  2. R A Alexander,
  3. J L Hungerford,
  4. A C McCartney
  1. Department of Pathology, London.


    In a group of 15 women with conjunctival malignant melanoma six cases (40%) were shown to have oestrogen receptor positivity using a monoclonal antibody to oestrogen receptor related antigen (ER-D5, Amersham RPN.710) on formalin fixed, paraffin wax sections. Receptors were also present in the epithelium of these six cases but not in controls and cases without ER-D5 positivity in their tumours. A subset of these aggressive, intractable unilateral tumours may therefore be amenable to hormone treatment.

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