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Marking of resection margins.
  1. C Hunter-Craig,
  2. B Lee-McDonagh,
  3. H G Penman
  1. Department of Histopathology, Crawley Hospital.


    Starch was used to mark the resection margins of breast tissue simply by rolling formalin fixed specimens in, for instance, glove powder. Starch adheres satisfactorily to the specimen and is obvious, microscopically, if crossed polarisers are used. There is little "carry-over" of starch across the rest of the tissue, and subsequent radiology of specimen or blocks is not prejudiced. It is concluded that starch powder is eminently suitable in most cases as a single marker of the surgically cut surface. The method is quick, cheap, and clean. It should not be relied on, anymore than other methods, to mark the surgically cut surface of ragged or partly disrupted specimens.

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