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Examination of spinal cord in diseases of the craniocervical junction and high cervical spine.
  1. J F Geddes,
  2. A G Gonzalez
  1. Department of Neuropathology, National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London.


    A simple necropsy technique for the removal of the craniocervical junction was devised: a relatively small specimen comprising part of the clivus, the foramen magnum, and cervical vertebral canal is removed in one piece with the medulla and spinal cord inside, and examined systematically after fixation. This method, used in a series of patients with chronic craniocervical instability, allows both good clinicopathological correlations to be made and histological changes in the lower medulla or upper cervical cord segments to be related to sites of extrinsic compression.

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