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Measurement of alkaline phosphatase of intestinal origin in plasma by p-bromotetramisole inhibition.
  1. T Kuwana,
  2. S B Rosalki
  1. Department of Chemical Pathology and Human Metabolism, Royal Free Hospital, London.


    L-p-bromotetramisole was used to inhibit non-intestinal alkaline phosphatase (of liver or bone origin) (EC; ALP) in plasma, and intestinal ALP was measured from the uninhibited activity. The method of determination is convenient and correlated well with measurement by immunocapture assay. If carried out in parallel with wheat-germ lectin precipitation of bone ALP, subtraction of intestinal ALP activity from that of non-bone ALP in the supernatant can be used to measure the ALP that originates from the liver in men and non-pregnant women.

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