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New sternal puncture needle.
  1. A Islam
  1. Department of Hematologic Oncology, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, New York 14263.


    The needles most commonly used for obtaining bone marrow aspirates from the sternum are the Salah and Klima needles. They were designed in the 1930s, and except for the introduction of different kinds of stops and guards there has been no change in their basic structure and design. These instruments are small, do not fit properly in the operator's hand, and the lack of a T-bar handle often makes them difficult to manoeuvre; their introduction into the sternum by twisting or rotary movement of the hand can be cumbersome. To overcome all of these disadvantages an instrument was designed which is larger, provides better grip, and offers improved maneuverability. The stilette of this aspiration needle has a domed handle which rests snugly in the operator's hand and affords operator comfort, while the specially shaped large T-bar handle at the proximal end of the needle provides adequate and firm grip and also ensures precise control during the sternal puncture procedure.

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