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Detection of Helicobacter pylori carriers by discriminant analysis of urea and pH levels in gastric juices.
  1. F Ameglio,
  2. M R Abbolito,
  3. D Giannarelli,
  4. F Citarda,
  5. A Grassi,
  6. G M Gandolfo,
  7. V Casale
  1. Laboratory of Clinical Pathology, Regina Elena Institute for Cancer, Rome, Italy.


    An alternative approach to the problems inherent in current methods for detecting Helicobacter pylori carriers--that of being generally time-consuming, expensive, and not sufficiently sensitive--was devised by using the urea concentration and pH levels of gastric juices. A linear discriminant analysis of these variables, measured in 54 patients submitted to digestive endoscopy for gastritis, provided a mathematical formula for assigning the subjects (previously classified by other standard methods) to groups of either positive or negative H pylori carriers. The results obtained showed a correct classification in 52 out of 54 cases with only one false negative and one false positive case.

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