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Use of a tissue adhesive to repair fetal bodies after dissection.
  1. G S Gau,
  2. K Napier,
  3. J Bhundia
  1. Department of Histopathology, Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital, London.


    The repair of fetal bodies after dissection is extremely difficult because of the delicacy of the skin. A tissue adhesive, Histoacryl blue, was used to repair bodies that had been dissected either before or after immersion in formalin. The repairs were achieved rapidly and neatly. The technique was easy to learn and, providing the method of repair described was followed, there was no breakdown subsequently. The body cavities and reflected skin surfaces were lightly dried with absorbent paper towels and the body loosely packed with cotton wool. "Holding lines" of glue were made and a mid-line strip of glue was applied to the sternum, abdomen, and skull vault, allowing the skin edges to align neatly. Care must be taken to avoid using excess glue as this produces an exothermic reaction. It is recommended that if a fetus has to be repaired after dissection Histoacryl blue will give a good result.

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