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Tubulovillous adenoma arising 30 years after ileocystoplasty.
  1. P H King,
  2. D E Osborn,
  3. E H Mackay
  1. Department of Histopathology, Leicester General Hospital.


    The possibility of recurrent colonic metaplasia occurring as a complication of pelvic ileal pouches after ileo-rectal anastomosis has been raised. Several reports have documented malignant bladder tumours developing in patients many years after an ileocystoplasty. The case of a 50 year old man, who developed a tubulovillous adenoma in the ileal patch 30 years after an ileocystoplasty had been performed to enlarge a tuberculous shrunken bladder, is reported. The adjacent small intestinal mucosa showed features suggestive of colonic metaplasia.

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