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PCNA and Ki67 expression in breast carcinoma: correlations with clinical and biological variables.
  1. E Leonardi,
  2. S Girlando,
  3. G Serio,
  4. F A Mauri,
  5. G Perrone,
  6. S Scampini,
  7. P Dalla Palma,
  8. M Barbareschi
  1. Department of Histopathology, S Chiara Hospital, Trento, Italy.


    AIMS: To investigate the expression of two cell cycle related antigens (proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and Ki67 related antigen) in a series of breast cancers; and the possible correlations between the PCNA and Ki67 labelling indexes (PCNA-LI and Ki67-LI) and their associations with other biological and clinicopathological variables. METHODS: Ninety six ductal and 10 lobular carcinoma specimens were investigated. Samples were fixed in formalin and in Methacarnoy for localisation of PCNA. Ki67 was immunostained on frozen sections. The PCNA-LI and Ki67-LI were evaluated in relation to tumour size, mitotic count, histological grade, nodal state as well as receptor content and altered expression of the p53 gene. RESULTS: PCNA-LI did not correlate with Ki67-LI, nor was it associated with any other variable examined. A high KI67-LI (above the median value of 13.5) was associated with high grade and mitotic count, negative receptor content, and altered expression of the p53 gene, but not with other variables. CONCLUSIONS: The PCNA-LI does not seem to be a substitute for the Ki67-LI in evaluating the growth fraction in breast cancer.

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